Maximus Light holds a rank in the Universe that is above Ascended Master. This is earned after becoming an Ascended Master over one million times. While it is the rarest treasure to find an incarnated Ascended Master. Coming across a beyond Ascended Master is a level thus unknown to humanity, and of beyond legendary proportions. Maximus offers Accelerated Evolution for your Soul through advanced frequency work. This is very advantageous for any upcoming world leaders and people who are interested in learning about Power, Love, and Happiness. In deeper transmissions he works with mudras, harmonic languages, and eye gazing to communicate and cultivate both subtle and profound lessons of Life Mastery.

Accelerate your Evolution into greater Love, Wealth, and Happiness with Maximus Light and experience his mastery of the sacred Mudras and Harmonic Languages as you begin your journey through Erlandia.
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