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As mankind has begun the process of entering the period of a Golden Age civilization, the need will continue to arise for healthy, safe, and beautiful environments to live in. While this process will unfold over the next 1000 years, Erlandia communites are designed begin this process by providing the ideal environment for the raising of children, developing ones own personal projects, and cultivating rich relationships with the natural world.
Contrary to popular belief, the creation of these paradiscal environments is not a lack of resources, but the rather the result of insufficient conscious awareness. Under the guidance of Maximus Light, the Erlandia curriculum provides a framework for acclerating the evolution of ones Soul, that they can handle abiding in more harmonic states of consciousness.
This knowledge is not readily available to the general population of our planet, so Erlandia provides a "repertorie" by which those of mankind can have a common language of conduct to live with their hearts greatest dreams and desires.
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Paradise on Earth
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