The Beginning of Paradise On Earth

While there are many stages to the evolution of our world and our civilizations, the next stage for mankind is what we would call "Paradise on Earth".  Paradise on earth is a state of super-abundance, where you have everything you need to such a degree that it is no longer just MORE of everything... it manifests as MORE QUALITY of things as well.  This is where we have not just plenty in amount, but the actual quality increases to levels our current world can't quite comprehend yet.  Imagine the best vacation ever, which then becomes your life.  If you need to rest you get the most amazing and luxurious rest.  If you are eating food, it is incredible and tantalizing.  Relationships that you have are fulfilling, exciting, and joyful.  You can travel the world easily and go on incredible adventures everyday or stay in your magical palace home and bliss out.

So how do we create this?  Fundamentally, paradise on earth is a byproduct of a shift in consciousness, and this is where we have to focus first.  When we do this type of consciousness work, then we get to enjoy the fruits of our efforts instead of striving and struggling to manifest through much slower methods.  The problem for most of mankind is that they expend enormous effort, but in directions and areas that provide little if any benefit.  In fact, Men and Women expend their effort while actually causing harm to themselves, and when they are unaware of how they are harming themselves, this is what we call "suffering".  Since we actually live in a very spiritual world (surprise, surprise!), when we take action in the physical world, it does have an impact at a spiritual level.  This can have surprising and unexpected results.  In the current state of consciousness, there are many things that are a mystery about the world and life.  As we expand and develop our consciousness, many of these wonders and mysteries will be revealed.  This expansion of consciousness that is underway right now is leading to a radical transformation of our world which will occur over the next thousand years.
Now, 1,000 years might seem like a lot to you, but I promise you, as far as these things go, a thousand years is not really that much time at all.  The amazing thing about what is happening now though, is that those who wish to enter into this paradise on earth sooner than later, can.  There is nothing holding you back right now other than yourself.  This is why I offer the advanced lessons and trainings for the evolution of your Soul with my divine union partner Jasmine KaiSa Rose.  Providing ascended support for the transformation of this realm is part of our current divine purpose, so it brings us joy to support those who are ready to receive these blessings.

Having 3 apples, is ok, but having 30 tons of apples, is not necessarily any better for you, as you can only eat so much.  However, having 3 apples that are kind of blah flavored, versus having 3 apples that have incredible flavor and are just blowing your mind, well that's more of what we are talking about.  Another example would be having an extremely large house that is just bland and boring, versus having a beautiful magical home that is of a plentiful and sufficient size along with magnificent artwork, unique embellishments such as white marble floors, ornate spiraling staircases, and fascinating windows causing light to dance and reflect throughout the space.  How about a crystal bathtub with gold and ruby that trails throughout your house? Now that is really taking it to the next level isn't it!?  So what does it take to produce this next level of wealth and Paradise incarnate?  Well, that is the journey that I teach with my Divine Union Partner Jasmine KaiSa Rose.

You see, everything in our world is made up of many layers and elements.  There are very physical elements that make up our world, but there are also many other and more energetic aspects that are still required to bring the full blossoming of beauty and grace that brings the overwhelming and fulfilling nature that our souls seek out.  These unseen and overlooked elements have to come into balance and harmony to create stability in form.  As most of mankind is conflicted within their very own being, it is not easy for them to create and manifest any of the higher arts of health, beauty, and luxury that is our destiny.  However, the time has come for this turning of the wheel, and the entrance into Mankind's Golden Age has begun.  If you would like to get started with the most accelerated path into this paradisiacal future, check out our programs which are designed to support you in making the necessary changes and evolution in your being to become compatible with this beautiful future.  For many, this path will still take dozens of lifetimes, encompassing 500-800 years, even up to 1,000 years.  Fortunately, our accelerated path is available for those who would like to enter this blessed state of living even within this lifetime should you choose and commit.
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