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Private Mentorship

Humanity's transition into the Golden Age will take place over the next 1000 years
However, based on your choices and karma, you can enter this state of being sooner or later.

Our mentorship are designed to fast track you into this state of Divine Living, as well as Consciousness. This is because Form follows Consciousness
Mentorship with Maximus Light and Jasmine KaiSa Rose focuses on the accelerated evolution of your Soul. This method this is the most complete and assured way of moving past challenge and realizing your full potential across time and space.

Private mentorship is designed to give you an advantage in this very challenging world. Whether you are initially interested in wealth, health, or relationships, we will eventually address every area of your life, as everything is connected.

Maximus Light and Jasmine KaiSa Rose's teachings are revolutionary for this world and bring innumerable blessings to those that they serve.  If you find yourself with more questions it is suggested to explore the online membership within Erlandia.  

For those that enter their accelerated path, what would have taken hundreds or thousands of years, is condensed down into months, years or decades.

Themes & Flavors

  • Removal of Fear and Persecution
  • Accelerated Timeline of Acension
  • Creation of Personal and Communal Safety
  • Sacred Relationships
  • Unlocking Hidden Gifts
  • Getting to Higher Quality Problems

Mentorship Themes:

Generational Healing

While all of our programs have levels of healing interwoven with them, this theme is a prerequisite for most of our other programs. Some people have larger or more recent amounts of trauma/generational trauma, which is much more easily solved by receiving support.

Divine Union

One of our most popular paths is that of relationships.  On this theme, you will come into alignment with the necessary understandings and abilities for being in a Sacred Union. What is a Sacred Union? A Sacred Union refers to a variety of types of relationships that are built upon the sacred nature of ones being, purpose, and Life. In order to step into the Golden Age offered to Humanity, it is necessary to come into alignment with this state of being. And our Sacred Union program is designed to get you there as quickly and gracefully as possible.

New Earth Leader

Within the New Earth Leadership Program, you will come into alignment with the knowledge and skills to wield the necessary power for supporting mankind into this next Golden Age.

Remember, many of the things people think they know are very limiting, so we will be going beyond and into strategies, and understandings that are not yet common in this world. That is because few people in the world have this knowledge. This program calls upon a high level of presence, and suggested to compliment Maximus Lights Ascended Mastery programs within Erlandia. Being able to hold focus, and work with refined information while staying interested and attentive, is an important quality.
 Having sufficient purpose is what will ultimately cultivate these qualities. When this is present, we can take you further and faster than doing it on your own, also with more grace, and efficiency.

Ceremony Facilitation

After being well on the way through the New Earth Leadership path, our Ceremony Facilitation path is a subset designed for those who feel to be called of service across multiple dimensions and planes of consciousness. 
Ceremony facilitation is an advanced path and requires time and experience to train and develop the necessary skills for holding space for the transformation of others within the constraints of the pathway and consciousness of Paradise on Earth.
Upon completion and final exams, you will be certified within Maximus Light's Ceremony Facilitator starting at Level 1, and moving up to level 2, or 3 and up depending on experience and completion of path level.

Heaven on Earth Initiation

The Heaven on Earth initiation path is intended for people already having completed one or several other of our programs, including Sacred Union, New Earth Leader, and Ceremony Facilitation.  This is our current highest path, while also being the most fundamental needed for moving into the future.

Some Examples of our

Initiations and Activations:

Muse Priestess Activation and Goddess Alchemy
Diamond Queen Sunbody Activation
Soul Power and Sovereignty DNA Activation
Inner Masculine Alchemy
Wealth Creation Activation
Heiros Gamos Activation
Angelic Multi-Dimensinoal Vision Activation
Quantum 5D Relationship Activation
Land Dominion Code Activation
Quantum Rebirthing
Healing Father Wounding
Kingdom of Christ Anchors
Akashic Record Reading and Karma Clearing
Creating with the Divinity of Masculinity
Angelic Light Language Activation
Quantum Queen Activation
Plasma Light Activation
Angelic Reiki Activation

...and so much more

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