10k Karma Clearing

with Jasmine KaiSa Rose

Release the fears and doubts about your place in the world and claim your Soul Radiance, Divine Power, and liberate your Abundance

You are here for nothing less than Heaven on Earth...

If you are reading these words, you are being summoned into a new paradigm of Soul Empowered Divinity, and a personal Ascension Journey into Divine Feminine Throne Power.
  • x1 10K Transmission
  • x1 Prepatory Session
  • x1 Integration Session
  • up to 80k of value
  • Compatible with any of our Mentorship Paths and Themes
  • Session Credits Good for 1 year
  • Available anywhere in the world*

Step Into A New Timeline

Jumping between timelines requires quick resolution of karma, pain, suffering, and removal of major obstacles for evolving your being.
The 10k transmission with Jasmine KaiSa Rose, is an unprecedented opportunity to make quantum leaps in your happiness, wealth, health, and journey into the state of bliss awaiting. 
Up to 100k of value is delivered based on what is able to be handled by the man or woman that is receiving.

*All sessions are conducted over Zoom, equivalent platform, and/or in person.

What is Jasmine's 10k Transmission?

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After a lifetime of living with many of the challenges that come with living in the current world, Jasmine was able to unlock abilities from the high level of mastery she has accumulated across many other lifetimes.
In this 10K session, Jasmine will get deep into clearing karmic layers that have plagued you and your ancestral line across generations. The amount of clearing necessary is unique to each person.  For some people the entire session is dedicated to clearing, and for those with less to clear, they will receive upgrades in coding and energetic templates for the remainder of the session. 

This type of work is becoming more understood as the age of information is upon us.  For example, the software industry, is one of the quickest growing industries on the planet, with people every day, taking upon their self to learn new computer languages, such as javascript, html, C++.  There are even subsets of each of these individual languages, and yet all of them are developed and updated every year.  That doesn't even include what is said in these languages.  Millions of people, and countless money is devoted every day, to developing software for computers, allowing people to interact with their computer hardware in useful and engaging ways. 

When we think about our bodies, and our being, they are far more sophisticated than the computer hardware and the "software" of consciousness that our bodies and beings operate, is in turn, infinitely more sophisticated.  Bringing about proper alignment and communication between the various layer of ones being, is a highly sophisticated skill set, mastered by very few people in the world.

What to Expect...

Like all good things, the effects of your 10k transmission will kick in over the following, days, weeks and months. Like a fine wine maturing, the effects of clearing out generational trauma increases with each moment you live without its burden.

Is this Possible you ask...?


It's all about healing spiritual trauma, learning about the best alternative health therapies available, and living a holistic lifestyle aligned with the Divine Will of God.

Some Light workers like Jasmine, are Ascension Specialists, qualified to assist with the heavy lifting of your ascension process with next level multi-dimensional healings, karma clearings, and DNA upgrades.

Increase your Beauty

by bringing in more of your divine essence

Clear the Past

Resolve thousands of years of problems and trauma & address the root cause of your current life struggles

Welcome your Future

Unlimited Possibilites for Happiness, Wealth, and Pleasure...
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