Private Mentorship for Men


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Private Mentorship for Men

Quantum healing work addressing all levels of your being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) infused with ancient spiritual technology where you will experience the inner transformation of spiritual alchemy that supports you in restoring your multidimensional and lightbody architecture.

Our private mentorship sessions are a sophisticated approach where we work with many layers of your being. Often we will have discussion and conversation, with a specific activation or transmission at the center of the session. This formula is designed to bring harmony and congruence between more mundane consciousness and more advanced consciousness necessary for success in our modern day world.

In response to our energy work and activations, one can have a wide variety of experiences depending on their sensitivity, type of topic or goals being worked on, as well as many other factors. Some clients have shared that our signature energy work feels like ecstatic waves flooding the entire body, with heightened extrasensory awareness.

If the nervous system is not yet strong enough, tingling sensations and minor energetic chills may be experienced, that are simply an adjustment phase to allow these transformations to be integrated.

Lightbody activations deeply penetrate the psyche, modifying and restructuring electromagnetic frequencies which in turn change and enliven the DNA and RNA strands that are currently dormant.

These activations instill divine light in the cerebral neurons and neurotransmitters, opening inter-cellular portals.

It also works with the energy arranging chromosome combinations in the physical body that allow for integration of the casual or spiritual bodies. This is important because the Causal body houses the destiny of your soul.

The goal is to transmute the energy bodies of the astral body planes that are the keepers of unresolved emotions as well as karmic, ancestral, and cellular miasma that needs to be transmuted in order to achieve a complete physical transfiguration where the causal body is integrated.

With new unlocking of the multidimensional layers of your being that open the gates to the soul, you will access to new horizons of dimensional information and wisdom, as well as the possibility of absorbing higher vibration nutrient sources of plasma light that are streams of living astral liquid light. This is needed to sustain consistent access to the multidimensional aspects of your being.

Changes are felt both immediately as well as continue to develop over time. The changes will begin to be felt by everyone in different grades. Similar to working out at the gym, with consistent activations you build strength to handle more and more power.

We transmit as much as you can handle, and if necessary we will spread out the energy sessions/transmissions over longer period of time to ensure you receive the full value and benefits.

Soul Transmissions bring long-term transformation both instantly and over time through a steady process of embodied integration, and multi-dimensional healings give you more of the lasting rest and satisfaction that your heart seeks.
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